The Gods Of The Good Taste

Music & Lyrics: Tom Ass

We are the gods of the good taste
We are the kings of the show
No one escapes our activities
No one comes up if we say no

We are the ones who make history
We force the mighty to their knees
The world is listening to what we say
They call us keepers of the keys

We tell the people what they should eat
We tell the people how to dress
They ask us what is in and what is out
This is the power we possess

´Cause we´re the only ones who know
What is right and what is wrong
The ones who can decide
What is good and what is bad
We are creators of opinions

No matter if it is cars or girls
If it is music or tea
We sit in judgement on everything
Leading position as you see

We tell the artists how bad they are
Even if we don´t know
But everyone thinks we know it all
This is our part of the show

´Cause we´re the ...

We can get you to festivals
We can push your success
We can get you straight to the top
Or get you into a mess

We control the bestseller lists
Control the charts, that is true
We control all the media
And we´re controlling you

´Cause we´re the ...

The Gods Of The Good Taste


And now here is the teaser for the third new release we have in the pipeline.

After my thoughts in "The Working Clash" about those who sacrifice the livelihood of thousands with a stroke of the pen for a small increase in profit margin, "The Gods Of The Good Taste" is about the presumption of wanting to judge the creativity of others and selling one's own subjective taste as the last word in wisdom.

Musically, TGOTGT (as we abbreviate the thing) saw the light of day for me as a straight 4/4 beat. And then came DMS.

To give the number a typical DMS signature, I first added the guitar and keyboard intro with changing time signatures. Leo has topped this by rearranging the verses with alternating meters throughout. At first I was skeptical, but then I quickly realized that this develops a very own, strong groove. The chorus remained mostly in 4/4. Finally, Leo came up with the guitar prelude, which is now the beginning of the piece and on which I then, as a self-confessed fan of the old boy (Bach, not Leo), wrote a Bach-esque bass line. I am always fascinated by how proggy Johann Sebastian Bach was already at that time, although he was still very much stuck in contrapuntal composition (my thanks to Franz Schottky for the wording „stuck in contrapuntal composition“).

Author: Tom Ass