Nemesis Part 5 – Calling Nemesis

Music & Lyrics: Leo Kapfer

Nemesis I call you
Godess! God like presiding queen
All seeing, you overview the many tribes of mortal life
The eternal, the sainted, yours to please are mere the righteous
But you abhor the sayings shimmer
The coloured ever staggered
Which men avoid, humbled down, enslaved with bended necks

Nemesis I call you
All human thoughts you know
And ever, not one soul disposed
Arrogance and pride, a plethora of blurred words
In anything you look into
All hearing, all deciding
Yours is to judge the humans
and that is what I ask from you

The blind Amauron prayed to nemesis
In between the dying priests
The sacrifice was far enough
to enrage the anger of nemesis



The idea for Nemesis came to me during a vacation. I googled the word nemesis and found a German lyric on Wikipedia that immediately inspired me to write the background story. I wanted the whole thing to be a multi-part work ala Hemispheres by Rush or Metropolis Part II by Dream Theater. I then wrote virtually the entire text during this vacation. Without spoiling, I'd like to anticipate part of the plot so that the context of the song can be better understood.

Author: Leo Kapfer